Learning is easier if you don’t stop

I created this blog about a month ago and this is only my second post. In the meantime I had forgotten how to log on! The lingo of WordPress is foreign to me, I need to work on it a little bit every day for the next week or so.

Due to the learning curve and the short amount of time let before school starts we’re thinking of keeping our Dreamweaver lesson for one more semester but moving to WordPress for our students’ blog instead of blogger.com.

Two possible courses of action:

  1. Have each student create their own WordPress account, which they will use through their last two years or so of college. They will use it for class assignments and to showcase their work. It will (or could) ultimately be their portfolio site when they leave Mizzou. Disadvantage for faculty is having to go to each separate site to view their assignments. Advantage for the student is becoming familiar with the many options on WordPress and expanding their site as they learn/grow.
  2. Create one account that they all blog to for the class assignments. They can also build their own site on their own. Disadvantage for them: their not likely to build their own site if it’s not required. Advantage for faculty: one common site when we can find all the required work.

Feel free to make any suggestions.

Let the countdown begin: Just 21 days before classes start.

(Now how do I save and publish this post??)

WHAT I’VE LEARNED: As with many things in life, once I started learning WordPress, I should have kept working at it, even just a little bit every day.


One response to “Learning is easier if you don’t stop

  1. I like the idea of students blogging on their own and using the blog to show a progression of their portfolio. One disadvantage may be that students feel they don’t want to post their “experimental” first work in a public way.

    However, I’d suggest students who feel this way may not be best suited for the new media environment. It is a rare journalist today (or for that matter any day) that has met her deadline and is 100% satisifed with the outcome of her story.

    We make the best of each situation that comes our way!!

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