We CAN live without Facebook and Twitter

So Twitter was hacked and went down. As was Facebook.

Yes, I was frustrated that I couldn’t connect but let’s get real — what earth shattering information wasn’t disseminated as a result of these two social media sites being down? No one would have been upset if they had never learned that I cried while watching Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino movie.

And that’s the whole point, folks. While they are fun, social media sites are not vital to our existence. At least not yet.

As I write this, I think about the people connections I would lose if Facebook went off line forever. I have some neat friends on Facebook and the site makes it easy for me to connect to and share with them. Some of them I talk to every day. Some I like to hear from but never write back to. I love having a forum for sharing the photos I take of our lacrosse team.

As far as Twitter goes, it’s very expendable in my life. Through other people’s posts I have read some great stories about the journalism industry and seen some very interesting video work, but right now I can currently get this information from other sources — in fact, much of it is duplicated on Facebook.

So while the short outage of Facebook and Twitter wasn’t the end of the world, I think Facebook is close to becoming ingrained and an important form of communication for many of us. Twitter? Not so much. Not yet.

WHAT I’VE LEARNED: Though neither social media site is critical to my existence, I value Facebook more and more, but Twitter hasn’t become important in my life.


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