How can you judge one’s technology intelligence?

The two hour ride the the KC airport gave Erica Zucco, Brian Pellot and me lots of time to talk. Much of our conversation was on iPhone apps, especially the one’s we’ve downloaded for this trip, covering the Olympics.

It wasn’t long before Brian mentioned a few apps I didn’t know of. I had one Erica hadn’t heard of. Brian is new to Twitter. Erica was miffed that Four Square isn’t available for Blackberry yet. Both of them talked about apps or social media sites I had not heard of.

Now, we’re all pretty intelligent people, but I have to admit that I caught myself at one point thinking, “man, I can’t believe you don’t know about that!” And then, 30 seconds later, imagine them thinking the same thing about me when they mentioned that there is a WordPress app that I didn’t know about.

So with so much technology and information out there, we can’t keep up with it all. At what point is one considered technologically illiterate, and who sets that standard? Just last night a high school classmate of mine started his Facebook page. I’ve been on FB for about six years. Brian, who has traveled the world (literally) has been on Twitter for one week.

I’m no whiz at this stuff and I’m not an early adapter, but I’m light years ahead of so many people, especially of my generation. I guess the key is not to judge at all. We all have different tolerance levels for technology and let’s face it — what is the real value of Twitter?


4 responses to “How can you judge one’s technology intelligence?

  1. If you don’t mind too much, I think I’ll go ahead and qualify my father as technologically illiterate. I’d say the standard is set at ‘when i don’t understand, i press buttons madly.’ Fair?

  2. I think that there’s just too much social media out there right now and no one easy way to access it all. Sure, Facebook and Twitter are kind of dominating the scene right now, but there are just so many different social media sites right now, some big and some small, all competing to make it big. I don’t think that I would say someone is “social media illiterate” unless they don’t have a Facebook. It’s pretty much the center of this boom right now.

  3. Hey Erica…. FourSquare IS available for Blackberry! It’s in Beta, but I’m using it on my Storm!

  4. To me, technology illiteracy surrounds being able to use technology, not necessarily being aware of it, like what Lee posted. And Karen, you might be at that level, had I not gotten you your first computer! 🙂

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