More marketing than reporting today

Nutso day today.
The building folks finally got tired of us being working media in the commercial area of the lobby, so now all but one of our crew has a media credential instead of the partner credential. The difference is that the media allows you access to the accommodations for working media.

We’re a very split crew today: half are doing news, the other half is doing marketing. Gary, Dave and Nick did “pressers” this morning while Ashley, Erica and Brian turned out stories. It seems that with each passing day there is more and more marketing to do, which is good for them, but it’s taking reporters away from me!

Gary being interveiwed

VeriCorder CEO Gary Symons, left, is interviewed by Chris Morrow of CNN's

Erica, Gary and I just did an interview with Chris Morrow from CNN’s She’s doing a story on the technology and system and Gary is going to have her use it for the week to see what she thinks.

I think Dave and Gary are very happy to have someone with editing experience here. We have been finishing our reporting day around dinnertime, then at night I work to find assignments for everyone. It’s what I did for more than a decade in daily journalism, and it frees them up to do what they do.
But Gary is also enjoying opportunities to do some reporting. He’s the company president, so his fingers are in research, development, sales, marketing, you name it. He’s enjoying the sales, but I saw the big smile on his face yesterday as he worked a story. He loves it. And I think the world of journalism—particularly investigative journalism—took a big hit when he walked out that door.

Ashley rowe doing an interview

Ashley Rowe, right, in the media scrum armed with her Bubo-outfitted iPhone, capturing audio during an interview.

Ashley is beside herself today (and handling it very well, I might add) because she got to go to the news conference with new Canadian super hero, Alex Bilodeau.
alex bilodeau

Alex Bilodeau

I decided to pick up my DSLR and do some shooting, just for the heck of it. I was watching the various shooters and realizing how far I am from the daily journalism I used to do. I have definitely made major life changes and several photographic compromises in the past five years. One small example: I had to leave my 300mm lens at home. When you’re used to getting in tight, not having that lens cramps your style. On the other hand, I’m happy not to have that added weight.

Tomorrow’s plan: just turn the students loose to do stories. Hopefully, barring marketing interruptions, they can file three or four pieces each.


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