Creating a Showcase project from other raw materials

We wanted to try creating an audio slideshow using the audio Ashley captured with Showcase and photos I shot with my DSLR. This was a press conference situation in an auditorium, with three people on stage, stage lighting, and a dimmed audience setting. That’s a pretty long distance for the iPhone camera, even longer with the Bubo lens attached, and tough lighting conditions.

alex bilodeau

You can't get this tight image using the iPhone.

The photos:
I downloaded the photos to my laptop and in Photoshop did some light toning and resized them. The Showcase app is set up for 4×3 aspect ratio, so the files are 640 no larger than 640 pixels horizontal and 480 pixels vertical. (Dave Barkwell wasn’t thrilled to see vertical photos. Yet another sign that he’s not a journalist.)
It took me a while to figure out how to get the photos in to Showcase. Some of this technology stuff is difficult for me and, frankly, gives me a headache. After about 10 minutes of futzing I realized the process. I had to import the files into iPhoto, which created a new album and allowed me to import the images to my iPhone through iTunes.
I opened up Showcase and started a new project. The project opens with no raw material in it. Hit the + button then import to add photos. Showcase renders each photo, so you can only add them one at a time. Bummer. I had 11 photos to add.

Here’s where things got interesting: add the audio file.
Showcase and VC Audio Pro export .wav files. I downloaded Ashley Rowe’s file from the server, saving the file to my laptop. I go back to the Showcase project only to find that there appears to be no way to import the audio. What? Wait, importing photos went very easily once I figured out the path. Ok, let’s try importing the audio into iTunes. But I can’t find an import mode in Showcase. It’s only after about half an hour of futzing that I’m reminded of something I was told four days ago: Apple won’t allow you to import audio into the VeriCorder apps. This is an attempt to prevent copyright infringement.

Ok, there’s a work-around for that. Creating a network between our iPhones. Nick Wynja, Ashley’s classmate from Fanshawe College, is our techno whiz and set up a sharing network. From within the Showcase application the phone with the wanted files becomes the server, the phone needing the file becomes the browser. All you have to do is select the file from the server and “share.” I don’t know why we can’t just do this with Bluetooth or something like that. We’re now over my head with the technology.

But here’s the another problem: for some reason, it’s not working. We think it might be a firewall issue with the Media Centre WiFi network.

Stay tuned, we’re not giving up on this!

Fanshawe journalists are Nick Wynja and Ashley Rowe:
Their Web site is
MU journalists are Erica Zucco and Brian Pellot:
and on Twitter:
and on Twitter:


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