Don’t take away my long lens!

three women with painted facesCompression. Obscurity. Shallow depth-of-field. Getting tight.
construction worker against mountian
Today I just had to go out and shoot with my long lens. The wide angle and the even-wider-still angle lens for the iPhone have really cramped my style this week. So I just went out to flex my muscle a little bit.

the olympic torch

I really like a more traditional caldron-type torch for the Olympics. This one looks cheap to me.


2 responses to “Don’t take away my long lens!

  1. I absolutely LOVE that second picture.
    (Don’t worry, headed to bed now…. see you in the morning! Ready for a great day of reporting!)

  2. I love the second picture, too. You really should give up this silly “work” thing and shoot more!

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