I’m a believer

Getting around Vancouver would be a lot easier without the Owle Bubo.
Everywhere we go we’re stopped by people asking, “What kind of camera is that?” On the bus. In a restaurant. Walking down the street. In the media center. Which, of course, are great entry points into a conversation about the Bubo accessory and the VeriCorder apps.

the bubo attached to an iphone

Nick Wynja holds the iPhone with the Bubo attachment and external microphone.

Now, I’m not a marketer, which is why I’m so amazed when I find myself selling this system to everyone I talk to. This morning I was stopped by a pair of Canadian police officers and I gave them a brief explanation. Last night a woman from a video production company and Web site stopped me. I spent about 10 minutes showing her the apps and talking about the upcoming possibilities for the system (the video app isn’t quite ready for release.) When I got home I gave an email introduction to her and the VeriCorder execs.

While I’ve been very vocal in this blog about the limitations I’m seeing, it becomes very clear in my conversations that I also really believe in the system. I think many of our convergence journalism students at the University of Missouri will embrace this technology, especially those who will be independent journalists. I also see the benefits for spot news journalism in any form — from rank amateurs through large, mainstream media companies. Yes, much of my skepticism has been allayed.

What I’m really anxious for is the day when I will be talking about this with as much enthusiasm when talking to professional photojournalists.


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