Take the road you don’t usually take

I took the dogs to the park today, something we’ve done many times. A right turn out of the parking lot is the quickest way home. Today, I decided to turn left. About a mile down the road I drove past this. I glanced, the colors and symmetry caught my eye. I kept driving.

Missouri tractors

In less than a split second I realized that it was just past 5:30 p.m., the sun was setting very quickly, that’s a great moment, you should grab it. Naw, I said to myself, I’m going home to cook some dinner. Naw, I said again. I’ve passed by moments like this before and regretted it.

Ever since I heard it, this line has really resonated with me: “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You.” It’s the title of Chase Jarvis’s book of iPhone photography. Guess what? I always have my iPhone with me. It usually just captures memories, today I tried to capture a moment. I like the result.

What I learned today: sometimes you just need to change up the scenery, take the road you don’t usually take.

• • • • •

And a shout out to one of my students who saw me, saw my hazard flashers on and took the time to stop and make sure everything was ok. Thanks, JoBeth!


5 responses to “Take the road you don’t usually take

  1. Melanie Rovens

    Beautiful !!!!

  2. Beautiful shot Karen! I didn’t know the cameras in those iPhones took such clean photos.

  3. I’ve had small iPhone moments like these before… But this one is beautiful. Go you for taking the time to capture this!

  4. It’s not that the cameras in the iPhones are so great–Karen is a genius behind it!

  5. pseudoscholar

    Laura Herring they’re the wrong color and therefore not real tractors. What color should they be? John Deere green, baby!

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