The fun is about to begin

Learning as I go: The patio expansion

Had Mother Nature cooperated, this would have been a two-weekend project. But she didn’t. Instead, she decided that my lawn needed to grow, so she’s provided plenty of rain for that. And my lawn is incredibly long and green.

the patio project

In the foreground is a temporary course of bricks — er, pavers — to see if I've gotten the rough dimensions correct. I still need to level the sand. And keep the dogs out.

But my patio expansion project is creeping along. We had a couple of very hot, dry days last week, so I started laying down the sand. That’s when I discovered that either the home center’s project planner is off or I excavated way more ground than I needed to. So at the top of this photo is the area where I’ll be replacing some of the dirt I removed. Yeah. Not fun.

The pattern is some sort of modified basket weave. Fortunately I didn’t have to confirm to a specific measure, so I chose a pattern that used only whole pavers. Not cutting for me, buddy. This pattern offers a bit a variety, too. I’ve chosen three colors

The brick pattern

This is the modified basket weave pattern I'll be using.

for the patio, which also helps spice it up a bit.

So what else have a learned?

  • I have too little paver base and too much sand. I hope this doesn’t hurt the project.
  • The dogs love to play in 3″ water.
  • Wet soil is heavy.
  • Even a small project is a lot of work.
  • Missouri clay soil sucks.

Oh, and the fun part? The fun is actually getting to lay down the pavers. All the measuring, digging, heavy lifting, leveling and bailing has been done. Soon I’ll just get to lay them all out.

This has been a great project so far. And I’ll be supremely satisfied when it’s done.


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