Taking time to stop and…watch the deer

deer in field

Some of the deer that live in my neighborhood.

I never was one for smelling roses. And, like most of us, I don’t stop often enough to enjoy even the metaphorical rose. But today, I did stop.

I love living in the Midwest because of moments like these — coexisting with wildlife. There are some sparse wooded areas in my neighborhood, apparently just enough to sustain a few deer, and I’m grateful. I see them about once a week, if I happen to be driving around just before sunset. The light is always beautiful at that time and hits the deer in such a wonderful way. Each time they come out, they create such a perfect picture.

Today, I stopped to watch and to capture a moment.


2 responses to “Taking time to stop and…watch the deer

  1. Great shot! It’s nice to have these available to shoot!

  2. pseudoscholar

    Jim MacMillan sent this via Twitter: BTW @uberscholar Don’t go near the deer, and keep the boys inside. http://bit.ly/cyrxP3

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