Photography at 75mph, Part II

Desert lake

Finally, some water! In California.

My first post was well received so continued it for the second leg of my trip: Phoenix to San Diego. One thing I noticed was that I didn’t have any photos of cacti. That’s been rectified. Otherwise, the rules and challenges were the same. I did try shooting with my Canon G10 to take advantage of its compact size and the LED display, but the shutter delay made this photography even more challenging, so I went back to the DSLR.


You can't spend time in Arizona and not come out with a picture of a cactus. At one point it was 113 degrees in the desert. I know, I complained way too much about the heat.

The fun thing was watching the terrain change from flat, dry desert to 4,000 feet of rocky elevation to a lush California setting. Our country is amazing.

border fence

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what that "long shadow" was off in the distance. It wasn't until the interstate is right on top of the border that I said, "Doh!" In the foreground, the US. In the background, Mexico. This is the fence that marks the border.

wind farm

Californians are serious about wind farming. I also passed one in Texas, there's at least one in Iowa. Where is the country's largest wind farm?

up the mountian

The climb through the mountains of California took us up to 4,000 ft. elevation. When I looked down over some of the bridges, I was surprisingly fearful.


Lots of cool — and big — rocks along the way.

rock formation

Cool rock formations, cool cloud formations, lots of blue sky.


5 responses to “Photography at 75mph, Part II

  1. Melanie rovens

    Great pics as always thanks for sharing.

  2. There are lots of wind turbines in Iowa – along I-80 in western Iowa and along I-35 in northern Iowa. The Maytag plant in Newton was converted to manufacture the turbines a few years ago.

    Love the photos of your travels. This country does has many beautiful places to see. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I assume you mean the big wind farm in northern Iowa right along I-35. If so, then my father-in-law “owns” one of those! He owns some land there. They rent the land for him (for a pretty good $$). Very profitable on both sides. Sad that there isn’t more in this country.

    Those are some great pictures!

  4. Awesome.

  5. Very nice. Glad to see things are going well. Nice images.
    Another good tip: Don’t try this with an iPhone. I did that (from the passenger seat, even) and the results were less-than-stellar.

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