Photography at 75mph, Part III

Clouds at sunset

An advantage of traveling later in the day is the gorgeous light. Considering how much rain I drove through that day, I'm assuming these are storm clouds.

I learned two things on today’s first leg back home: I apparently have an obsession with trains and I was wrong when I thought I’d just see the same stuff as before.

train and mountain

After the rain the colors in New Mexico was wonderful. Three cool things for me in this shot: a train, the mountains and the clouds hovering low.

First, the trains. I was fascinated with every train I saw. Part of it is the romance of this tried and true form of transportation. Part of it is amazement that it’s still used so much. Living in Columbia, Mo., the only train I see is the COLT train that carries coal to the city’s power plant. Today I must have seen 25 freight trains, each pulling cars stacked two-high with trailers.

I didn’t need the mental entertainment on today’s trip, but I kept seeing pictures that I wanted to take. Cacti. Clouds. Rocks. The mountains. Today, I felt that I wanted to shoot images because I wanted to save these moments. I shot many more frames each time I picked up the camera and was able to get more tight shots than before.

hay bales

I was fascinated with the hay bales — the color, the shape, the texture.

Oh, and another thing: chimping at 75mph is totally out of the question! (Chimping is when you review the photos on the LCD. That definitely takes your eyes off the road for too long.)

scenic desert

Ah, the desert. I hate the weather there, but I do enjoy the scenery.


Lucky to get this shot of a cluster of cacti. I love the character of each plant.

border patrol

Hiding and getting out of the hot sun is the border patrol. In the upper right hand corner of the photo you can see the border fence.

storm clouds

The clouds heading into Amarillo were wonderful.

house with red roof

Now that's a red roof!

desert scene

Surprise! I was trying to shoot the buildings and didn't see the word "Cuervo" in the side of the mountain until I was editing the images.

There are no signs to tell you about Cadillac Ranch until suddenly you're right on top of it with no time to stop. I didn't stop.


Old and new wind technology.

Ok, I’m totally confused about how I got the slideshow into this post, but I’m going to leave it in!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


6 responses to “Photography at 75mph, Part III

  1. Consistently beautiful pics!

  2. “Chimping”? Is that what you kids are calling it nowadays?

  3. Phenomenal. How many total frames from the trip?

  4. Tony, I’ve saved about 550 frames — a lot of duplicates but tossing out a lot of just bad frames. One thing I have learned over time is that a frame that I don’t like today might catch my eye when I look at it 6 months from now.

  5. Its official – the world actually looks better through your camera lens than it does through my eyes. Very nice!

  6. These are fabulous, Karen.

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