Summer 2010: The Red Hats are off the hook!

close up

Nice patterns from her hat. Note the red hat earrings.

woman in red hat

The signature attire is a red had accompanied by purple clothing.

An unexpected highlight of our convention was that we shared convention space with the Red Hat Society. They were having their annual convention, which this year was an international meeting. I’ve seen a couple of Red Hats before but never this many at once. There were more than 1,000 of them and I can tell you, these ladies came to have fun.

I wish I liked to wear hats because I’d consider joining this group. Started in 1998, their #1 goal seems to be to have fun. And I’d say they succeed.

pool party

Some of the women enjoying lunch and entertainment.

They’ve earned the right to throw caution to the wind, which begins with matching a red hat with purple clothing. They are living the life they want to live and “we do exactly what we wish to do.”

Everywhere they go they are dressed in red and purple (or pink and lavender if the member is less than 50 years young) always with some sort of hat and seemingly the more elaborate, the better. I’ve never seen so many hats, feathers or sequins, not even at a drag show. And apparently they are a big industry: I saw everything from hats to Red Hat sneakers to Red Hat luggage.

They were fun, pleasant, always smiling and as curious about our group as we were about theirs. In hindsight, many of our group regretted that we didn’t invite them to more of our activities. Next year they will be in New Orleans, we’ll be in Philadelphia.

women in red hats

Helping each other and making sure every accessory is just right.


Every day was Mardi Gras for the Red Hat ladies.


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