Blog, Twitter or journal: So many places to write

I’ve kept a journal of some sort pretty consistently since high school. Most of it I never want to read again, but sometimes I have a need for the history (mostly health stuff.)

word cloud

This is the word cloud of my October tweets. Made using

In the past year or so, though, I’ve spent more time on Twitter and with this blog. By the time I’ve done one or both of those things I’m tapped out. Also, most of the stuff I put in my journal is not stuff I’d put out into cyberspace. Consequently my journal has been suffering.

I have been putting my blog entries into my journal, then last week I decided that I’d try putting my tweets into my journal, too. I miss out on a lot of my personal stuff but it’s still information about me, from me. So I did the month of October and also put it into a word cloud.

Here’s some info on some of the words:

• Mizzou: the nickname for University of Missouri (makes no sense to me!)
• Lacrosse: I’m the photographer and Twitter monitor for the men’s team
• @NickGass: a Convergence Reporting student
• @AmySimons: our new Convergence professor
• RT: retweet of someone else’s tweet. I passed along a fair amount of other people’s thoughts or information
• Yankees: they were in the World Series (vs. the Rangers, who won.)
• One of the most important words barely registers: Bronchitis.

Here’s another version of the cloud:

Wordle: October at Mizzou


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