New car shopping: Buying a bowling ball is so much easier

I really hate the process of buying a new car. This might be why I haven’t done it since 1994.

Let me qualify that last statement. I don’t mind narrowing the field, I don’t mind doing the research and I love the test drives. What I hate is sitting down with a salesman (I’ve yet to have a saleswoman.) My every comment I make — about the car, about finances, about the weather — I feel like the salesman is looking for a way to use that comment against me. Even this blog post makes me nervous. I hope they’re having some of the same anxieties about prospective buyers.

Nissan Juke

One of the designers was quoted as saying, “To add a little bit of attitude, the hood mounted lights are designed to resemble a crocodile that is staring at you lurking just below the surface.”
(Imagine a transition here, maybe something about my extreme disappointment in the auto industry that cars aren’t averaging 35-40 mpg.)

I reached a point where I want to replace my 1995 Volkswagen Jetta. Thankfully it’s a want, not a need. That gives me the luxury of time for making my decision. I’ve loved the Jetta and started out wanting another. Somewhere along the way I decided I was too young to drive a sedate sedan. Enter the Mini Cooper, the Mazdaspeed3, the Volkwagen Golf (diesel) and the quirky new Nissan Juke.

Unbelievably I’m leaning toward the Juke. Luckily, I still have more test driving to do, so sanity still might prevail. Let’s hope so, because neither my wallet or my waist can afford the donuts that apparently come with this crossover — er, “Sport Cross”.

In case you haven’t seen the commercial yet…


3 responses to “New car shopping: Buying a bowling ball is so much easier

  1. Love the Juke! Excellent choice!

    Why do you like buying new cars? Personally, as I get older, I plan to but cars that are 1-3 years old but not brand new, to save on the interest. Just curious. You clearly got a lot out of the Vetta!


  2. Mike, thanks for the comment! The Juke so quirky that it just might fit for me. In my shopping for sports cars I’ve “seen you” in several of the cars I’ve tried. Do you still have your Mustang?

    I most like buying new because I know that there are people like ME out there who don’t take the best of care of their vehicle. I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford the extra money so that I know exactly who has done what to the vehicle.

    That said, this is only my third new car: ’82 Toyota Tercel, ’95 Jetta and whichever one I get next year. I have also owned two used Toyota Corollas, a Mazda RX-7 (sweet!) and the Ford Sports Trac truck.

  3. Maybe Thursday is the day to go to St. Louis to test drive a Golf. I’m confused by myself: the Juke is a hatchback — I generally don’t like hatchbacks because I prefer the security of a trunk. Maybe that’s no longer a factor for me. One thing the Juke has that I will be looking for in other vehicles: the fun factor. Will probably also look at the Mazda 3.

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