Having some fun shooting Mizzou basketball

I really like shooting pictures, but I get rusty because I no longer shoot everyday. We’re between semesters and I was asked to do some fill-in shooting for a sports blog. I jumped at the chance for largely selfish reasons: getting to see the games.

But I’m also going to be supervising a student doing an independent study in photography and shooting this week is giving me more opportunity to think of lessons and assignments for him. (See other post on shooting with the student in mind.)

I was nervous as hell last week as I sat courtside for my first game. My apprehension was compounded by a technical problem with my camera: only one of the 19 focus points was working. I got that issue resolved, but that also took away my main excuse for failure. I had to bring it.

Gone are the days of “it only takes one” for the newspaper. With the Internet you need more shots. Each picture is another page view. But at the games we’re only allowed to shoot from the floor, so the challenge was visual variety with one camera body and four lenses.

As I’m shooting I’m thinking about how I used to cover games when I shot fulltime. I thought about how my stuff would compare to the AP stringer sitting 10 feet over. I was thinking about the things I tell my students about photography. In short, I was WAY too inside my head.

I survived that night and had another game last night. Both nights were a lot of fun and I didn’t embarrass myself. Here’s a selection of the photos from both games. You can find them posted on the student’s blog, KBIA Sports Extra.


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