Branding is bad. And good.

In general, I hate brand-placement marketing. I hate it when the actors turn to their Apple-branded computers to solve a crime, even though Mac is my brand of choice.  I hate it when the Top Chefs talk about hopping into their Toyota Highlander and heading off to Whole Foods to shop. And I hate giving free marketing to anyone by wearing their brand on my T-shirt. After all, it’s advertising — they should be paying me to flaunt their brand around in my community.

Apparently the colors of Gatorade beverages are attractive to athletes and photographers.

But there’s something about this Gatorade scene that caught my eye. Maybe it’s the colors. Maybe it the wonderful organization of the bottles. Maybe I’m upset that Gatorade didn’t pay this school to advertise their product. Whatever it is, I like this picture.

(Of course, the things I want to know more about aren’t branded. If anyone knows the brand of kitchen timer they use on Top Chef, please let me know.)


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