Blizzard 2011: Day 2, 11am

Frankie and the robin

The dogs are a lot less anxious about the snow today. Frankie has found the warmest spot in the house — and best view. A robin has been hanging around for the past few days. Maybe I should feed it. My house is in a fairly new construction area so we don’t get many birds. I should take care of this one!

Our final official total was 17.5 inches. I can’t even get to my yardstick yet — I have to dig out the 24 inch drift in my entryway. It will be a long day of shoveling and digging out the vehicles. Though I don’t like it’s rear-wheel drive, I think I’ll try to take the truck, since it’s higher off the ground.

My vehicles, buried under several feet of drifted snow. Can you say, "Oh, my aching back"?


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