Blizzard 2011: Shoveling out

I didn’t even count how many hours this took. I’m old, I’m overweight ā€” I needed a lot of breaks! But I grabbed my shovel (I sold the snow blower when I moved from Chicago,) set up the camera and just kept digging and shooting.

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The shoveling went pretty well. I cleared the drive and some of the drifting. But I got to the end and realized: I can’t stop now, I can’t get into the street!

I went in for a break and found out that Mizzou is closed again tomorrow (third day in a row, that’s historic.) So back out I went, taking advantage of whatever energy I still had left.

Driveway to nowhere. Still about eight more feet to shovel before I can get a vehicle out.

I’m totally exhausted (I hope that’s not redundant) and can’t get the dogs to share the heating pad. We have another day off tomorrow and I’ll probably need all day to shovel out what the city plows will push back into the drive overnight.


4 responses to “Blizzard 2011: Shoveling out

  1. Looks like a fine job to me.

    I hired a guy on a backhoe to clear my driveway…..but it’s about 1150 ft long, LOL.


  2. Well, coming from Texas we don’t think about that all- I mean at all! Good luck and don’t hurt yourself. -Kim

  3. Wow! Photographers have a glam life! Good job!

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