Too high in Shanghai

It’s Day 9 in China and I’m ready to go home.
Even with all new things we’ve done and the sights we’ve seen, I’m getting uncomfortable. I miss fighting for my space in the bed with Alvie and Frankie.

I’m in Shanghai for the day and a student was recruited to take me to a few sights. True to form, I didn’t want to go but was quite happy once I was out. We went to the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV tower, the tallest building in Shanghai. We viewed the city from 350 meters up. The best and scariest part was the glass floor at 259 meters. My brain loved it, my stomach, not so much.

This is Xuemei Zhang sitting on the glass floor. She’s dramatizing her very real fear of the height. She was my translator and tour guide today.


I’m too tired for much more today and I’m fighting with a slow Internet connection. Here are a couple of photos from above and around Shanghai. More soon.

The Shanghai skyline from "sightseeing floor" of the Oriental Pearl tower.


• By the way, a heated toilet seat is a little odd, but the cleansing streams are rather nice — once you get used to the sensation.


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