Rockin’ the ‘hawk: A new year, a new hairstyle

With my hair growing only about an inch a year, decisions about hairstyles can be major, life-changing events. I got it cut too short last summer and had to live with that for about six months. A cut that short also meant a 12-month wait until it would be long enough to make any effective change.

Well, that 12th month was last month. Today, I got a new ‘do.

This decision was much longer than six months in the making. I’ve been sporting my natural look for at least eight years (that’s when I came to Columbia.) The decision to go natural was pretty easy: convenience. I’m all about the roll-n-go when I get out of bed. Nothing is easier than a natural hairstyle for that.

But my hair doesn’t allow for frequent changes—unless I want to shave it off. After all these years, after short and even shorter cuts, after four different hair colors, I finally grew tired enough to try something really new. Well, you voted and here you have it. Karen Mitchell in a Mohawk.

Sunday night and Monday afternoon. (Yes, this image has been flipped horizontally)

Yes, technically this is a Mohawk, but it’s nothing like what I remembered from the 60s and 70s. Today’s Mohawks are less about shaving the sides and more about spiky length on top.

A lot has changed in hair care since I last had my hair straightened. No more lye, hot combs and Murray’s pomade. Instead it’s no-lye relaxer (no sting, no smell!) a ceramic iron and macadamia oil.

I’m amazed and happy with the style. As Kim, the stylist, was showing me what I could do with my new hair, I could hardly contain myself. I can wear it stick straight or do the spiky thing and about a million styles in between. I’m excited.

The color, by the way, is a happy accident, the remnants of my last dye job and new growth that’s both gray and dark brown. I love that it’s dark on the side and color on top.

Thanks for voting.


5 responses to “Rockin’ the ‘hawk: A new year, a new hairstyle

  1. I like it! Did you get it done at Hair Therapy?

  2. I totally love it!

  3. What a difference, totally modern Mitch! You do “rock the Hawk”.

  4. Really! A real mohawk would be cool, but this is good too.

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