Is this a blog or a journal? Professional or personal?

Frankie meets a Great Dane at a dog park in Phoenix. He was not intimidated in the least. Neither was Frankie.

Today is the first of what will be more posts in 2012 than in 2011. I have struggled with the identity for this blog, partly because Twitter, Facebook and blogging have several cut into my work on my own journal. One possibility would be to use this site for more personal work. I will continue with a mix of topics: journalism, photojournalism, sports, journalism ethics, my cemetery project, etc. but I need your help since you’re the ones reading this blog (thanks, by the way.)

In 2012 should I include more of my personal work? I will blog more in 2012. I will continue to have a mix of topics, but would you like to hear more personal stories from me? (I can guarantee that the blog will not be dominated by stories about my dogs.)


6 responses to “Is this a blog or a journal? Professional or personal?

  1. Right on, Share your personal work. We want to learn about the whole you! It makes you who you are as a journalist, professor, woman, student, dog lover and photographer!

  2. Karen,

    Why not inclue both personal and professional? Can’t you talk about a photo technique, for example, while sharing a personal anecdote? You have a solid brand (and your dogs make for interesting main characters) already. Plus, a little personality goes a long way in writing. Just keep it short and don’t ramble. I’m excited to read what you have to write.

  3. Keep it short and don’t ramble. Good advice, Matt. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I’m always about letting personality shine through in whatever someone is doing. The personal/professional/topical balance is always a tough one, though. My suggestion would be two start by establishing two things – the purpose for being (of the blog), and the goal for the blog. By having those two foundations, you can always check whether or not the blog is staying on track – or if you need to consider changing one or both.

    Also don’t be afraid to switch it up. Even if you keep it a decidedly professional blog with personal anecdotes, as opposed to full posts of a personal story, throw some different types of posts in there every so often.

    Good luck. I’m looking forward to reading more in 2012! (And stopping by the office when I’m in CoMO for the StratComm Career Fair in Feb!)

  5. Testing (got a .php error when I posted the last comment – it posted, but I was led to a load error page)

  6. Hi Karen,
    I agree with Colby, that it’s important to figure out why you’re blogging and what your goals are. That can help you determine what you want to do with it. I agree, too, with Matt H. You don’t have to go one way (professional OR personal), but you can blend the two, depending on the topic of the day and your goals. I would love to learn more from you about photography, but I also realize that might not be your goal. Good luck and be sure to tweet me about what you’re doing. (I just can’t seem to keep up with my blog reader. But I love it when a blogger I like posts a link to their latest post.)

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