Happiness in 21 characters

karen mitchell

This is how they celebrate your birthday at Texas Roadhouse. Yes, I'm on a saddle. No, I'm not drunk.

It’s my birthday and I love Facebook on my birthday. I love getting so many birthday wishes from so many different parts of my life. With three words and a comma — Happy Birthday, Karen — more than 50 people have taken me back to high school, back to daily snow falls in Rochester, NY; to my first day on a golf course, to my second go round as a undergrad college student and to today, where I teach at a terrific school with terrific students. And all before 9 o’clock in the morning!

Now, at 1:30 p.m., I have received more than 100 birthday wishes and — trust me, I’m not lying when I say this — each one is special.

Now, my mom is not on Facebook — I’ll get a traditional birthday card from her. And it will be the most special part of my day today.

I hope everyone’s birthday is as special as mine has been.


One response to “Happiness in 21 characters

  1. According to Facebook I have received 136 birthday greetings, plus a couple dozen more on Twitter. That’s more well wishes than I’ve ever received on any birthday. I feel very loved today. Thank you, everyone.

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