My heart is broken over a park bench

Why can’t people respect a goodwill gesture?

Last year I received this old park bench, its wood unpainted and rotting but the hardware is iron and in great shape. (It’s upside down so I could measure the

old park bench

I got this bench for free, thought I'd rehab it for one of the dog parks I go to with Frankie and Alvie.

slats.) I thought I would replace the wood — easy enough, its standard 1×2 boards — and donate to my neighborhood dog park.

At the dog park people donate their dilapidated outdoor chairs for a second life at the park. Even the crappiest furniture still has life when used at the dog park, and I knew this bench would be the nicest piece of furniture out there and very much appreciated. I replaced the old boards and painted it a traditional barn red.

One day on my way to work I noticed three people standing at a bus stop. Standing. I live in a neighborhood with a lot of housing for elderly and disabled people. “Hmm,” I thought. “Yes, the dog park people would appreciate the bench, but the people in my neighborhood need the bench.”

So I gave the bench to the neighborhood bus stop. Unfortunately, about a mile down the road is a less than shining neighborhood, so when I put the bench out I locked it to a pole. That was two months ago.

I was expecting it to be stolen. I never expected this to happen to it:

broken park bench

I was crushed when I saw the bench yesterday morning, shattered. I'll rebuild it and give it to the dog park.

I don’t know if I’ll replace the bench at the bus stop. Right now, my heart just hurts.


4 responses to “My heart is broken over a park bench

  1. What a shame Mitchy. Some times, people just suck. It’s a shame.

  2. UPDATE: I went back yesterday to retrieve the iron supports of the bench. Someone had taken the support that wasn’t locked to the pole. I was mad that it was gone, so I just unlocked the other one and left it there. If they want it that badly, they can have it.

  3. It is sad that someone hurts so bad inside that they want to break or take a parkbench. They need the peace and love of Jesus Christ in their hearts to heal their pain.

  4. Shouldn’t have locked it to the pole. Conditions obviously came with your “act” of kindness.

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