Photography at 70mph, by bus

On the road again.

old red barns

I really love the landscape of the Midwest. There's a lot of character in old farm buildings.

And this time, in perfect Willie Nelson territory — Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and finally Virginia. Actually, Willie Nelson is from Texas, but what the heck — this territory seems more like Willie Nelson terrain than the Western United States. This time I’m traveling by bus with the Missouri men’s lacrosse team, bound for  Blacksburg, Va., home of the Virginia Tech Hokies. (We’ll play them tonight.)

treeline and farm house

There are a lot of different kinds of trees on farms, often obscuring the main house.

The trip was about 13 hours, with lots of farm fields. I love farm fields and Midwestern scenery. And watching them roll by is not a whole lot different than sitting on a beach and watching the waves roll in. Each wave (farm house) seems the same, but each has its own nuances. The old and the new; silos and barns; corn and soybeans; cattle and horses. Unfortunately by the time we got to the coal mines and lumber mills for West Virginia and Virginia, the sun was nearly down and light was minimal. Maybe on the way back I’ll get to see more of that.

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2 responses to “Photography at 70mph, by bus

  1. What a grand road trip! Love the photos.

  2. Karen! You were in Blacksburg and didn’t tell me???? I would have totally come out to watch lacross. If you’re ever in SWVa again, you’d better let me know :).

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