Getting artsy in sports action photography

Really, I’m just trying to keep from being bored

The Missouri softball team won its regional tournament today, beating Illinois State 2-1. But that’s not why I’m writing today. I want to know if this picture works.

Missouri’s Mackenzie Syles reaches first base safely as first baseman Laura Canopy jumps to field a bad throw.

No, there’s no more at the top of the photo. Or the left. Or the right. The shadow helps, right?

You know how it is: after about five games of any type, all the pictures can start to look alike. We’re always looking for new or different ways to show things. It’s hard to get an original shot — softball’s been around since 1930 or so, photography since, well, a long time.

Extra bases in a pile.

I’ve been eyeing that “Missouri” on the bases for some time but haven’t had the right moment yet. I’ve also been eyeing this overhead position at first base. Here in Columbia we all shoot from this spot, making originality that much tougher. So I got this shot today. I published it even though I’m not entirely sure it works.

What do you think? And thanks for your comments.


4 responses to “Getting artsy in sports action photography

  1. I like the shot but I don’t think I would run with it unless there was an accompanying shot somewhere of Syles and Canopy’s faces. I think information trumps art every time and in this instance the information I’m lacking is what do the people you are talking about look like. If they were very famous then it would be okay to just go with this shot because the audience most likely already know what they look like.

  2. I really like it! I’m not totally sure on the story without a great caption, but very pleasing to the eye.

  3. Hi Karen!

    Since there’s no more leg at the top, I might crop to the leg in the air and the base. Raises the question of wether they hit the bag or not. I didn’t notice the shadow until you mentioned it.

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