Thirty posts in 30 days? Don’t hold your breath

Celebrating 40 years of Title IX with this photo of Shakara “Shak” Jones of the Missouri basketball team, a role model for many female athletes.

I’m a journalism professor, and some days you’d never know it by the work that I do. Or more accurately, don’t do.

Blogging has proven to be quite valuable for our students, many of them getting jobs or extra duties due to their ability to blog and blog consistently. We require blogging in two of our classes, offer it as extra credit in another. Most students take us up on the extra credit, even though it requires that they blog weekly. They’ve learned the value of blogging and some even enjoy the opportunity to give voice to one of their many life interests.

Enough about them.

Blogging takes time. My friend Hillary Shay learned this, too, as she blogged frequently while between jobs, but now that she has a new job I rarely hear from her. I used to be a pretty regular journaler, but for the past two or three years I’ve been a frequent user of social media. What I’ve found is that Twitter and Facebook — forms of micro blogging — take time. The time I used to spend journaling privately has been taken over by public tweeting. I miss the cathartic process of journaling, I miss letting things go by putting them on paper (well, pixels on a screen.) But I’m also a lot more connected to my people and have built a new network of friends and professionals through social media.

So back to the title of today’s post. I’m on vacation now, so I hope to get a bunch of blog posts done in the next month. I can’t promise 30 posts in 30 days, but how about several each week?


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