Photography at 70mph: South Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois and Tennesee

Ok, so I’m cheating a little bit. These photos are from earlier this year while on our spring break trip, but I never got them posted. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being the passenger on a weekend trip to Iowa. Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera. That was a conscious decision. What I hadn’t considered, though, is that I’m never the passenger on that trip and that I’d get to see things I normally don’t. Darn it. So, instead of Iowa trip photos, here are more from The South. It’s really quite charming how many homes have rocking chairs on the porch. I suspect they’re mostly ornamental, but I still loved it.

Life got a little hectic after Spring Break and I had to put these photos aside. When I picked them up again I was excited to see what was there. As it turns out, I really like to watch the landscape when on the road.

Old metal building, South Carolina.

Old metal building, South Carolina.

Weathered barn, Kentucky.

Red and silver.

Farmer selling sweet potatoes. (Yes, this is a grab shot, no time for composition!)

Give me land, lots of land…don’t fence me in.

And a special shout out to Cat Lee, who helped me see that The South really does have wonderful character.


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