Always looking for an idea

I have no clear sense of direction for this post. In my first draft there were about three different posts going on. So the point of this one: there are many things I see and wonder if it could work as a photograph, or in this case, as video.

Here’s something I shot while practicing with the department’s new Nikon D7000. While shooting video of a softball game I landed on a tight shot of first base. I started to wonder if a story could be told by shooting mostly first base.

It starts with a pitch, then a hit, then runner after runner at first base.

Did you make it to the end of the video? I’d be surprised if you did. I think there’s a kernel of an idea here but not for me. I find it interesting, but not for a wide audience. It’s too abstract, too obscure. Only the most devoted fans of the game would be interested in the chatter from the bench, the ability to tell a single from an extra-base hit, the hand-sewn hem of one of the guy’s pants.

So this idea probably strikes out (ouch, bad pun) but I’ll keep looking. In the world of daily journalism () you have to keep looking for new ways to cover the same thing. And as we tell our students, some of out best lessons come from our failures.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to offer up any comments you have.


One response to “Always looking for an idea

  1. There’s definitely a story here–I felt a poem stirring when I watched it–yes, all the way to the end. About hope, readiness, all sorts of that stuff. The base itself. Stoic. I don’t know, but I liked it enormously.

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