Bits and pieces from Beijing: Monday

Journalism grad student Karen Miller joins the cheering fans at the China Open on Monday. Ok, so it’s really just a billboard at the Open.

BEIJING — I’ve already made my first faux pas. While at breakfast I got up to get something, lost my balance and took a step backwards — right into a floor-level water fountain. Luckily I had on sneakers and shorts so you couldn’t readily see that I was soaked, but how embarrassing.


If the student who interviewed us is any indication, the standard for college journalism here is very low. She gathered the students as a group and asked the group about three questions. As the students answered she didn’t take notes. She didn’t record a single quote. She didn’t get their names until the end. And she only asked three or four questions.


Today (Monday) has been tough because there has been so little for us to do and it has required a lot of waiting. The shuttle bus trip here only takes about 15 minutes, but then we waited more than an hour to see the representative from the Open. Everything has taken three times as long as it should. It’s boring for me, its nearly unbearable for the students because they want to get out and see Beijing. But they did get some significant swag — two shirts and a jacket with the China Open logos. Oh, and of course the other good swag is their credential.


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