I think I’m getting used to it here in Beijing

It’s Day 9 in China and today I’m starting to appreciate and maybe even enjoy some things. Ok, enjoy is a stretch. Let’s just go with understand.

We’ve been pretty busy here the past few days, which means not much time for blogging, or even sleeping. Today I’m offering of another spattering of photos and thoughts.

This is the main court at the China Open, Diamond court. China’s Li Na is playing Nadia Petrova. Li won.

Here’s one thing I’ve come to admire about the Chinese: their diet.
Granted, I’m struggling with all the weird foods, but I can respect their philosophies about food. Specifically I can respect that almost nothing goes to waste. They use every part of a plant or animal that they can.

I have never seen so many things I can’t identify as what is found in a grocery store here. What is this strange fruit? If you’re a fruit lover, China is for you.

Secondly, breads and cheeses have little place in their diet. If I lived here, I’d definitely change my eating habits. But there’s very little chance of that happening. In fact, absolutely no chance. And what they do eat they tend to walk or bike off. My god, these people love to walk. It’s admirable.

And my last thought for tonight, because it’s way past my bedtime, I love this room full of balloons that I stumbled upon yesterday. Hiding behind the balloons are two costumes — tennis balls with arms and legs. Kind of scary, actually.

Just a wonderful juxtaposition of the color of the balloons against the white walls of this National Stadium office.


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