A few more shots before we leave Beijing

Our time here is winding down. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get around much, just from the hotel to the tennis courts and back again. I did get a couple more slices of life shots today.
I wonder where this vendor came in from. I didn’t see what the couple was selling, spent too much time eyeing the horse.

Even more scalpers today than yesterday. In the background is National Tennis Stadium, also known as Diamond Court. It’s the main venue. These guys tried to talk to me (I was hanging my head out of the van) but they quickly realized how futile that was. In China they are called huang niu, which means “yellow cattle.” They work just like American scalpers — they charge very high prices. Instead of 380 yuan they ask 500 yuan.

The main gate is jammed with scalpers. I don’t know why — I think there are still good tickets to be had.

The children here in China are just cute as hell. These two are watching some players on the practice courts. It seems another tournament as started and they are using the outer courts while the China Open matches have moved mostly to Diamond Court.


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