Please don’t ask me to shoot your wedding!

Michelle Morgan waits for the real wedding photographer to get situated.

There’s a reason wedding photographers charge so much, and it’s still not enough to get me to do them.

I hate shooting weddings. I’d be embarrassed to ask for the amount of money it would take to get me to shoot a wedding.

Give me almost any other assignment in the world before you ask me to shoot a wedding. But I have shot a few and will continue to do so when the circumstances are right.

What I hate about weddings is the stress of dealing with stressed out mothers. The family photos are the worst part and the part that keeps me away from shooting weddings commercially.

Weddings do pay well, but fortunately I have a job that pays me enough for my needs and my wants. So because I don’t need the money, I can shoot weddings on my terms: for free.

Yep, those are my terms. I will not charge you. But I will shoot what I want to shoot, and that doesn’t include the family portraits. I’ll shoot what I want, the way I want, then I’ll turn all the images over to you. At that point, my job is done. No reprints, no toning, no nagging mothers wanting me to digitally remove Aunt Sally from the photo.

Yesterday I shot the wedding of former student Lee Morehouse and Michelle Morgan, another Missouri alum.

A year ago I shot the wedding for former student Nate Skid and his now-wife, Lang Cheung.

And a few years before that it was former student Steve Sliker and his girlfriend Heather Lytle.

I’m sure by now you can see the pattern.

Shooting pictures is what I do for a living. What I do in my off time needs to be fun or something I care about doing. I don’t care to make money shooting weddings, but I do care about capturing moments from the weddings for the people I care about.

So strangers need not ask me to shoot their wedding, I’ll politely point you toward one of my very talented photographer friends.

And yes, I cried at each of these weddings.
It’s hard to shoot through tears.


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