If pushed, I will carry a gun

I’m sitting in the airport in Phoenix and listing to CNN’s commentary about teachers carrying concealed and unconcealed weapons at school. I think I favor that, as I’ve mentioned before (when Missouri was considering allowed conceal and carry on campus.)

In the Newtown shooting, the “first responders” were the teachers. It makes sense to me that they be armed. However, the number of circumstances in which this is needed is still so small that overall, the average teacher is not likely to be effected (affected?)

Looking at my own situation, I do think I could opt to carry a gun. I have used one many times and have good aim. I know that the stress and anxiety of an actual dangerous situation adds a whole new set of circumstances, I feel that I’d be able to handle it, that I’d be as steady as the shooter, who usually is some schmuck, not a trained killer.

I would probably opt for a concealed ankle gun in order to lessen the possibility of someone trying to strong arm me and take the gun from me.

Hopefully, though, I will never have to do any more thinking about this than what I’ve done right now. But if Newtown shows us nothing else, it proves that these situations are totally unpredictable and can happen anywhere, even in Columbia.


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