The beauty of spring in Columbia

It was a beautiful day today and I was lucky enough to get out and enjoy some of it. It was past the hours of the really pretty light, but the light caught some pretty magic moments nonetheless. I hope your day was beautiful, too.

P.S. All of these were shot with my iPhone.

Sun worshipers

Sun worshipers

New ivy

New ivy

Purple flower

Purple flower


2 responses to “The beauty of spring in Columbia

  1. I was confused for a moment when I saw the “Green Mountain Coffee” cup. Then, I realized it’s an ad. 🙂 Four Loko, yes, but you’d never drink coffee! I especially like the ivy picture and the juxtaposition of the organic with the inorganic.

  2. Kerry, I think about that juxtaposition every time I walk by that wall. Just for reference, the wall is outside the chancellor’s home on campus.

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