Gotta get Google Glass

062813 google glassI MUST HAVE THIS! Well, ok. I WANT this. I got to experience Google Glass today. Really cool. I hadn’t paid that much attention to this device because I’m farsighted and didn’t think it would work for me, but it does! As with the iPhone there are limitations when it comes to photos and video, but this is pretty cool. I’ll probably get one when release to the public (if I can convince the J School to buy it for me.)

I’m tapping the temple area to activate it. Swiping forward and backward scrolls to different screens. It has voice recognition and goes to sleep when idle so that others can’t try to activate it with their voice.

The device is very lightweight. Now that I know it works for me, I’ll have to go back and find out all that’s been written about it. (And I use the word “written” as a generic word for all forms of journalistic communication.)

Thanks to Sarah Hill for letting me try her Glass. She’s been using it for a while now and is very comfortable with it. She uses it for her work at Veterans United Network.

(A student just said to me, “This is going to revolutionize the porn industry.” I can’t believe they went there. Um, but they’re right. Very sorry for that visual, folks.)


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