Sharing the joy of photography, five Boy Scouts at a time

dlfjlad oiahd'oi a' pseihfa;oi' hS;EOFIHA'ROS 'WISF

From left: Ben, Brian, Noah, Shawn and Bentley, on the Mizzou campus.

There were more than 900 Boy Scouts on campus Saturday for Merit Badge University. By participating in one or two of the 50 or so different workshops to participate in today, they could earn a merit badge. My workshop, photography, was an all-day course. Even though I just returned this week from Beijing and really could have used my Saturday for sleeping, it felt very good to give back.

These are the boy scouts I worked with today (and the personalities you see in the photo are pretty true to who they were in class.) Having a small group like this was great. They were very smart and wonderfully attentive. They were from around mid-Missouri; the youngest was 12, the oldest 15. Unfortunately none of them are thinking of photography for a career, but most of them are serious hobbyists. Well, as serious as you can be at their age.

Check in your community to see if the Scouts do a similar thing. Do it for the kids, you’ll love working with them. And if they don’t, find another organization to give back to.


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