Ben Garvin’s advice: Illustrate your tweets

Good tips. All of our journalism students should pay heed. Sending photos with your tweets is another good way of practicing your photography. Notice that I said photography, not photojournalism. Use the Twitter medium to express yourself in anyway you want. You’ve got the smart phone with you, you have the app. So when you see a moment you like capture it and send it.

The Buttry Diary

When Jen Westphal shared the email below with me, I quickly asked Jen and Ben Garvin, who wrote the email, if I could use it as a guest post. Ben’s Twitter bio describes him as a “Multimedia producer, photographer, photo editor, blogger at St. Paul Pioneer Press.”

I did a little editing and added some links and embeds to make this part of my #twutorial series. So here’s Ben’s advice on using photos with tweets (with tweets from Ben interspersed between the paragraphs):

In late October Twitter changed the way it shows images within your stream–images now automatically appear if they are tweeted from Twitter itself, not a third-party app. This small change has allowed for images to have much more impact and is something…

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One response to “Ben Garvin’s advice: Illustrate your tweets

  1. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

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