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Why I share cute photos on Twitter

One of the more adorable photos found on Cute Emergency.

One of the more adorable photos found on Cute Emergency, and it doesn’t even have a real animal in it.

There are a lot of people who hate the proliferation of cute animal photos that litter the Internet. For the most part I do, too. Then I discovered Cute Emergency on Twitter.

hood lifeThe first time a Cute Emergency tweet popped up on my screen I’m sure it made me smile. I know this because almost all of them make me smile. But at that time I wasn’t going to give it — I just smiled and went on with my day. Then on a particularly tough day one of those tweets popped up, mostly likely a puppy. I smiled as usual but instead of moving on I thought that others might need the same kind of lift I had just gotten. So I retweeted and didn’t regret it.

Most of my friends and colleagues have stressful jobs and work long hours. In journalism we deal in a fair share of news that makes us feel bad. So when a picture like this comes across my Twitter feed, I feel good, if just for a moment, and I need that moment of release. I need that reminder that indeed most of what happens in our lives is pleasant and wonderful.

a study in whiteI try to be frugal about what I retweet because I don’t want to clutter your Twitter or Facebook stream, causing you to unfollow or unfriend me. This is a situation where less is definitely more.

If you like a ton of cute animal photos in your day, follow Cute Emergency. If you want just a sprinkling of those cute photos, follow me.